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NSA Qualifications

To qualify for NSA membership, a speaker needs to meet one of the following three qualifications:

Option 1

    You have received compensation for 20 or more presentations within the 12 months prior to application. Supporting documentation can be any of the following: contracts, paid invoices, check copies, speaker agreements, tax returns or documents showing revenue has been generated as a result of your speaking engagements.

Option 2

    You have given 20 or more presentations to audiences of 15 or more as part of a salaried position within the 12 months prior to application. Supporting documentation: a letter from your employer.

Option 3

    You have earned $25,000 or more giving presentations (number of speaking engagements does not matter) within the 12 months prior to application. Supporting documentation can be: contracts, paid invoices, check copies or tax returns showing speaking income.

New Member Investment

The initial fee to join NSA is $600 ($175 initiation fee, plus $425 annual membership dues). This membership investment includes a wide range of great benefits, including:

  • One-year subscription to Speaker magazine
  • Voices of Experience audio magazine
  • Listing in our online directory of speakers
  • Discounts to NSA meetings
  • $100 non-transferable certificate good toward a future NSA meeting

After your first year, you'll pay an annual renewal fee of just $425--giving you a whole new year's worth of Speaker , plus ongoing listings in our speaker directory and discounts to NSA meetings.

Questions about membership requirements can be directed to NSA/GLAC by e-mail to info@nsaglac.org or by phone at 866.519.7730 , or by contacting the Membership Department of NSA at 480.968.2552 .

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