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Become a Professional Speaker

Speaking professionally is a rewarding and challenging career. Regardless of where you find yourself as a speaker, GLAC can empower you on your journey toward becoming a professional speaker.

Whether you are just starting out or well on your way as a paid speaker, our chapter events and programs are designed for individuals who use the spoken word to influence others.

Connect and grow from our regular events, or invest in yourself as a student of NSA/GLAC Speakers Academy - one of the nation's top professional speaking schools.

NSA/GLAC Speakers Academy meets each month for a full Saturday; the program provides the foundation for you to propel your career as a professional speaker.

  • Discover best practice tactics and strategies from industry leading experts
  • Learn from the region's best professional speakers and speaker trainers
  • Receive expert guidance on refining your topic and development of your message
  • Gain working knowledge of the professional speaker market
  • Empower yourself with a gazillion how to's from NSA leaders

We're here to support you on your journey and the Spirit of Cavett is alive and well in GLAC.

Contact us today to learn more about NSA membership or the NSA/GLAC Speakers Academy.

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Become a Professional Speaker

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