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SLAM Dunk Delivery with Two NSA Members

By Judy Jernudd

Walter Bond, former NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks, delivered a Keynote Speech at the NSA national convention last summer. Judy Jernudd thought it was a powerful speech to demonstrate the components of a keynote to GLAC. The chapter ordered the DVD from NSA to show the audience at the March meeting. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Best of all, Walter Bond attended the chapter meeting in person. Judy combined segments of his NSA keynote on the DVD, with an interview to dig deeper as to his choices and “How he did it!” Walter delivered in-person highlights of the keynote he presents to clients. A three point score combining video, interview and in-person delivery.

Walter and Judy created an electricity that ignited the packed house. The combination of Walter and Judy’s presence and the dynamics between them goes to prove “Presence is not about the basketball, the tall or the small. It is who you are, your stature and as Walter says, ‘Your story.’ Judy adds, ‘Presence is about your personality and how your story resonates with the audience. Large or small, it is always about them.”

Walter and Judy